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It's the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer in Ontario.

It's also an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas. It occurs naturally as trace levels of uranium break down in the soil beneath your house.

Most homes have SOME amount of Radon, but 21% of Kingston homes exceed Canada Health's guidelines, and 52% of Kingston homes exceed the WHO's.

Kingston Radon Solutions provides tests to measure the amount of Radon in your home today, and permanent solutions to stop the gas from accumulating in your home.

Why get my home tested?

If your home has unsafe levels of Radon (above 200 Bq/m3),

your family is at eventual risk for lung cancer.

Radon seeps up from the ground, and high concentrations can

build up in your basement or first floor. Radon mitigation typically

involves installing a ventilation device in your foundation to divert Radon outside

and away from your home, where it dissipates in the air.

Radon Testing Solutions:

There are two Radon tests we use to determine the Radon risk

in your home.

90-Day Lab Test

The recommended test by Health Canada.

Stays in your home for 90 days, and then is

processed in our lab to determine your risk.

3-Day Home Test

Less accurate, but a valuable tool for

determining high-risk homes right away.

Stays in your home for only three days.

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